You know that question: If you could do anything for work, regardless of pay, what would you do?

My job is to show you HOW to make that happen, to help you build it, and to help you get paid to do it.

But HOW? 
I specialize in the HOW.
How will you make it real? How will you sell it? How will you find the people to buy it? How can you do it without burning yourself out or burning through money? That swirl of questions that keep you stuck, spinning your wheels and watching other people do exactly what you've been thinking of doing. I get you past that with clarity, confidence and momentum.

Whether it's starting a business or side-hustle from scratch, creating new products and services or revamping your existing business to make it more... you. I show you HOW you can create that work and make the money that affords the life you want. Together we'll make what you want to do what you get to do.

So what if the only decision you had to make today was whether to stay stuck or get moving?

One call and that decision is made.

the espresso brainstorming 90

The Espresso -


a 90-minute jumpstart

You're stuck. You want to get UNstuck... like NOW!

With the Espresso you get 90 minutes of pure UNstuckery. This means answers to your questions such as how to... where to... who to... This taking notes because I'm gonna tell you literally everything I know about what you need to know. In 90 minutes you can feel confident that your idea is solid, you'll get clarity about who and where your idea is best suited, and how you can execute.

* When you book, you`ll receive an in-depth questionnaire that will enable me to understand your needs, look at your brand assets and come to the meeting prepared to get you UNstuck and buzzing along.

standing coffee date monthly

The Standing Coffee Date

1 month / 3 months / 6 months - Starting at $1500

You've got an idea that needs building up. Whether that means starting from scratch or bolstering the work you've already been doing, working together you can finally see this thing to fruition.
This is a weekly fuel-up for your jetpack to keep you on target, unstuck and moving forward. Each week includes a 45-minute call and the next steps to take toward your goal (a.k.a homework).


SOS Mentor


You're the DIY type, sometimes you just need a little help or an answer or just a business buddy. That's what this package is about- brainpicking. You get to ask me anything and get a quick reply via email, video or chat. This is the antidote to asking questions in groups that get 500 replies or none at all. The end to Googling your way to a cure for a disease you only got from Googling in the first place! Your personal trusted resource who knows you and your business intimately and can get you unstuck quick with solutions tailored specifically to your situation. Think of me as your backup dancer- wait... no, don't. I'm way better at business than dancing.



Equip yourself with the support, lessons & tools that enhance your arsenal of awesomeness! Live workshops and office hours weekly offer the business and lifestyle hacks that help you do better personally and professionally every day. Besides honing your skills & uplevelling your business, you'll be part of a community that values authenticity, individuality, transparency and what makes you awesome.

positioned for profit intensive


$3200 for two 4-hr sessions
You don't have time to waste and don't want to take weeks to launch something, you're ready to buckle down NOW, put your nose to the grindstone and employ other clichés that indicate your willingness to work hard.

PFP intensives are half- or full-day meetings where we nail literally everything having to do with positioning you & your services for profit. This includes storytelling, social media planning, online presence audit & design, light tech training (if needed), tips to make things easier & faster, sales conversations, pricing & negotiation, contracts & agreements (not a lawyer), how to find clients, how to keep them, how to bring them back.

*By application only


Get your free AHA call, then you can decide which is best for you.