“ALL I CAN SAY IS TANIA IS A ROCK STAR! She was amazingly helpful. Beyond my dreams and so generous with her knowledge, resources, time and energy. Thank you so much!!!"



I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH FOR THOSE STARTING OUT & FEELING LOST OR WITH AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS & FEELING STUCK. Tania was on point with her information and knew the right questions to ask to get the best out of me. She did this while maintaining her trademark sense of humor & straight-shooting style."

 H.D. Childrenswear Designer


AshleyM_testimonial pc.jpg

“YOU'RE REALLY THE MOST AUTHENTIC FUCKEN WIZARD I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS. You summed up the crux of my woes and the key to my beaming... I think about that a lot and it has really helped to guide me, never mind the other 4000 guide posts you have steered me towards! 

— A.H. Fitness Coach


"SHE HAD ME MAKING MONEY THE FIRST WEEK! Having a consultant "on call" to fill in the gaps in me and my team's knowledge, without having to shell out thousands on a retainer, indubitably contributed to our rapid profitability. Her advice is sound and you will make money if you listen to her."



"AN HOUR WITH TANIA IS LIKE HAVING OLIVIA POPE AND DAVINCI IN YOUR POCKET. You can throw just about any issue at her and she'll respond with, 'Okay. Have you heard of...' and proceed to hatch a plan so out of the box yet so logical you're like... WOW!"

K.M. Financial Strategist for Digital Nomads


KNOWS HER SHIT AND GETS YOU EXCITED TO MAKE LIFE HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF. Tania helped me realise what is possible while teaching me practical tips in achieving what is necessary to keep moving forward. She is motivating, understanding, intelligent, knows her shit and gets you excited to make life happen for yourself." 

— B.S. Naturopathic Body Care ARTISAN


Moving to a new country and starting my business fresh was daunting at best. Having Tania help me work out a new marketing plan has made the transition practically seamless. 

— J.A. Architectural Designer


INSPIRATIONAL, UPLIFTING, DOWN-TO-EARTH AND SERIOUSLY ASS-KICKING AMAZING. Tania-Briannë is the bomb. Do you know her? If not, reach out and say 'hey'!

— A.K. Photographer + Philanthropist


"I KNOW, USING TANIA'S SERVICES, THAT I DELIVER THE BEST RESULT IMAGINABLE FOR MY CLIENTS. She is able to respond to my requests with a rare professionalism and efficiency”

— h.m. vp communications & development


But don't just take their words for it:

I know that finding the right coach can feel like a guessing game.

So I've made it easy for you: book an intro call with me by clicking the button below. I think you'll be amazed by how much we can cover in that time and that you'll feel confident that working with me is a great decision. By the end of our call, you'll have an actionable suggestion, confidence that your investment will be a sound one, and a feeling of infinite possibility. Working with me means you get to feel that way over and over again :)