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I help my clients develop experiences and products that make their clientele want to evangelize it.

...dedicated strategic customer loyalty agency, with a strong focus on commercially sound strategies that help organisations build deeper, more profitable, long-term relationships with their customers. 

We focus on customer insights (delight), metrics and commercials to develop bespoke strategies that are rooted in genuine customer understanding, are easily and readily measurable and are designed to deliver increased customer loyalty that contribute to the core financial objectives of your business. 

We provide innovative, yet uncomplicated insight into customer loyalty, customer experience and customer engagement strategies by following a proven strategic process to deliver hardworking, commercially successful strategies that build loyalty from your customers. 

And all of this, delivered by a team that lives and breathes customer delight, and that places the customer first in everything we do.

Digital Marketing Strategic Plans

Digital Marketing Strategic Plans

For organizations that need an all-new or significantly revised strategic plan to govern how, where, and why they are active in content marketing, social media marketing, email/messaging, and website/reputation, we can provide precisely the guidance you seek.

For a decade, the Analysts at Convince & Convert, led by founder Jay Baer (best-selling business book author and one of the world’s leading influencers of B2C marketers, B2B marketers, and CMOs) have created winning strategic plans for leading brands like Hilton, adidas, Oracle, Visit California, Kindred Health, American Fidelity, Allstate, Comcast, and many more (see client successes here).

Why do they work with us?

Our aim is for you to minimally double your investment in us within 12 months of implementing our plan.

See what Jay Baer says about our digital marketing strategic planning process.



In the first phase of strategic plan development (we call it Strategic Priorities), we uncover and analyze everything about your business, with an emphasis on digital marketing. Everything is connected in the eyes of your customers, so we’ll look at content, social, email, website, ratings and reviews, online customer service, and other elements.

The work will start with a brand anthropology meeting, a two-hour, in-depth virtual session with you and your team where we will confirm your key goals, and ask you many questions about how your programs operate today. We’ll interview your stakeholders and your customers, too.

We’ll also in this phase do a deep dive on your competitors, and we’ll want to talk about them and what you think they are doing right, and not so well.

We prefer to conduct custom, proprietary research to determine your customers’ attitudes about your business and your competitors. We partner with one of the country’s leading research firms to create these massively useful programs.

At the end of this phase, we give you a written Strategic Priorities document that establishes your goals, provides you with a detailed competitive assessment, and begins the foundation for the acceleration plan. Delivered in a way that energizes you for the road ahead.

In the second phase (Strategic Plan) we focus on each area of your digital success. Prioritizing the area your team or department needs most and delivering not only a strategic guidebook for each pathway but exactly the operations, resources and timeline to get it done. We’ll cover what you need to do, when, how often, for whom, how to measure, how to staff, and necessary technology. It’s a complete operating manual for digital marketing.

We also provide a full priority map so you know what to tackle first. We’ll deliver the Acceleration Plans live on-site at your place. You are going to love it.

What does this really mean? We write you highly customized recipes that will make your digital marketing incredibly delicious.

Learn how we keep the greatest brands in the world in front of their customers’ expectations.

For more information on our comprehensive, research-backed strategic plans for content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and messaging, and/or website and online reputation, please set up a consultation call with a Convince & Convert analyst.