How Creative Thinkers Mine, Market & Monetise Their Ideas
Tania Fox

Project Examples

sample collaborations

Because every client is different, it's hard to explain exactly what you'd get when working with me.

Below you'll find some examples of collaborations I've had with clients.



(The Whole Frikkin' Pot (full day)

Creating a single niche item, this entrepreneur needed to not only sell his wares, but create a market for them in an area not yet receptive to a high-ticket version of a utilitarian item.

Unexperienced in selling online, I showed him how creating an Etsy shop would enable him to sell in markets where his product was already selling well and helped him partner with local establishments to sell pieces on consignment to prove local market viability.



(Ideation and Branding Contract)

Formulated a strategy that used both emerging technology and psychology to increase the profits of in-house services while creating a new revenue stream.

Offering pre-programmed iPods and docks for guests who brought their own, the idea was to create a more home-like environment. Feeling at home reduces the need to go outside for comfort and provides an impetus for the guest to order room service and/or movies, to eat in the hotel restaurant, to sample the products placed en-suite (minibar, bath items, etc.).



(The Refillable Cup (6 Weeks)

Food culture seems to be everywhere, especially if you believe Instagram. However, in a country in a recession, it can be difficult to gather people around food that seems exotic, luxurious or frivolous. 

With the Slow Food movement as a basis, I conceived of the plan to gather people around the table with a local producer (sometimes at the producer's farm) to discuss everything from processes to family life with the people who create the food we eat.

People felt better about spending money when they knew they were supporting local farms and producers. This also fostered a sense of community rather than the feeling of going to a food event.