How Creative Thinkers Mine, Market & Monetise Their Ideas
Tania Fox

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Build it. Brand it. Sell it.

Working with me is as easy as having coffee...

In helping hundreds of start-up entrepreneurs with issues such as where to begin (and what to do next), how to sell their products and services (without selling their soul) and how to $!#%ing market them without seeming insincere (or douchey), I realised that it often took about an hour to brainstorm a solution and implementation plan. This is the sweet spot for avoiding overwhelm, stagnation and second-guessing, so you can spend your time doing and not learning, thinking or tweaking. 

In the time it takes to have a cup of coffee, you can:

  • get the answer to that nagging question
  • learn how to use a new tool or app
  • write that email or copy
  • figure out exactly what to say so you can close that deal
  • discover the best platform for your brand
  • know that what you're feeling or thinking is (probably) totally normal
  • make your je ne sais quoi work for you

I don't just tell you what to do next, I explain to you the how and why of what you're doing.

You are equipped with the knowledge and skills to take quicker, autonomous actions in your business. You're empowered to replicate or alter these actions as your business grows and changes.

When you know exactly where you're going, how to get there and why, you are able to make better use of your time, keep from spinning your wheels and gain forward momentum.

Whether you need to pick my brain or you need a secret sidekick, I've got a plan that fits your goals. 





Crowdsourcing your answer in groups is like throwing a handful of darts and hoping one hits the bullseye. You don't need a thread of conflicting answers, interpersonal chit-chat and even more questions as responses. You need your answer.  

These kinds of questions make you wish you had an expert on speed dial. 

Well, you can!

With the Espresso, you get quick responses to these pesky little questions that are standing in the way of the next thing you need to accomplish. You get viable and immediately actionable solutions that match your goals (not mine, your coach's or whoever else's), and get you up and running. In short, you stop spinning your wheels and get back in control. So, are you going to keep lagging or are you ready for a boost? Starting at $247 a month I guarantee it's a lasting buzz!






You've got questions and a running tab of books or one-size-fits-all courses that never quite seemed to answer them to your liking. You're in analysis paralysis, you're struggling to prioritize your actions, and those shiny objects just keep coming, don't they?

You need to get traction. You need focused, intentional momentum. You need to have coffee with me.

Our table is waiting :)

Maybe Jesus is your co-pilot but I'm your air-traffic control operator, making sure you don't get caught up in information congestion and guiding you safely into your gate. Each week we get together for virtual coffee- either on the phone or via Skype or Google Hangouts (preferred, more stable). You get to tell me all your hopes, dreams and fears (maybe not all of them, we only have 60 minutes) and I get to put you at ease, make you laugh and generally feel unstoppable. Starting at $1150 a month Our table is waiting :)

It's important to note that I like to begin within a week of our call. Because- momentum, baby! I guarantee you will feel like you can tackle anything when we get off our call and we need to capture that lightening in a bottle for you to drink from for the duration of our work together. 





For those who need more of a plan than a how-to, this brain-dump clean up session is for you.

Part planned, part spontaneous, this is my most popular (and favourite) offering.  

Here's the thing:

Often, when we write things down, the pressure to get it right causes us to self-edit, omitting words or not quite expressing the sentiment behind or words. And when we speak, our brains move so quickly that we often don't say everything we want to for fear of not saying everything we want to.

In this half-day (~3 hour) working session, you bring as much information to the table as you have* and then we have a nice cup of coffee (or tea if you must). This more conversational style will help fill in the gaps of the info you've provided. We'll use that to collaboratively go over everything together and map out a path for you to be able to grow your business from wherever you are.

During this session, we’ll be able to make sure your efforts are aligned with your intentions. We'll look at any recurring issues, unnecessary expenditures, and wastes of time. 

From there, we can work on planning your next moves so that you're not just throwing spaghetti at the wall. At the end, you’ll know exactly what steps need to happen and when, so that you can move forward on your goals to optimize your presence, grow your audience/clientele,increase revenue, and/or create an umbrella brand that allows you to grow, experiment and pivot seamlessly.

After we meet, I'll prepare your map and guide on exactly what to do and how you can get achieve the goal you're working toward. If appropriate, we’ll include some additional resources you may find helpful as you move forward.

The fee for this is session is a flat $2,000. 

*You'll receive a little welcome packet* outlining what we're gonna do together, what you're gonna need to have at the ready and a reminder of how much you rock because you're ?#@&ing doing this!!! We'll set up our first 30-minute strategy call (BONUS! it's free) so we can create an outline of your goals and a timeline.

*Welcome packet will arrive within 48 hours of cleared payment, unless it's a weekend or an international holiday like my birthday (Aug. 31 btw.)

Depending on what you need you may pick my brain for 60 minutes or work with me for 90 days. Or, maybe you're a gritty go-getter, who doesn't have time to waste and just wants to get the foundation work done fast so you can move into actually doing business, you may opt for my 3-hour Custom Blend