lydia did the One-Day Get Paid Intensive

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Lydia Jarjoura - Lunar Nurishment


2 months later:

Thu 26 Jul, 2018

Hi Tania! I’m sitting here in my couch watching Project Runway and they announced the winner. I’m about to start my period so of course I’m bawling. And I also feel really proud of myself. My 13 Moons program you helped me with was a total success. I sold out of spots even after adding more. At the end of the day, it was a $50,000 launch (profit!).

I just want to say thank you for believing in me. I don’t feel like anyone in my community full understands how BIG of a moment in my career this is... I can’t explain how proud of myself I feel.

Anyways, I feel like I finally broke through the ceiling that I was putting over myself, and now I feel like life is full of infinite possibility.

Thank you again :)