Whatever you call yourself, you've got a vertical skillset and idea-geyser of a brain that doesn't let you concentrate on one thing long enough before the next BRILLIANT idea comes along. And the idea of choosing JUST.ONE.THING ties your stomach in knots. The fear that you will have chosen the wrong thing to devote your attention to keeps you from choosing anything at all. So it doesn't really matter what you want to call yourself, because what you are right now is...


and that


Well, guess what? All of those ideas? Totally normal. All of those interests? Totally normal. All of that fear, procrastination, overwhelm? TO-TAL-LY NOR-MAL!  

But if you want to start getting PAID for what you know, what you do, what you LOVE- you gotta start with a mindset that says "I don't have to choose one thing for-ev-ah. I have to DO one thing NOW." 

And hire Tania to help me :)


Well, hello there! I'm Tania.

I help you multidisciplinary creative thinkers turn your #brainconfetti into products & services (read: arsenal of awesomeness). 

In the time it takes to have a cup of coffee, you'll begin to know the clarity, strategy & momentum needed to go from idea to market. 

Together, we'll create, brand & market stuff (technical term) that taps into your unique experiences, array of skills and personal qualities, while still leaving room for you to grow, pivot and add to your #arsenalofawesomeness. 


(permission to hashtag all your stuff #arsenalofawesomeness granted.)


Book a FREE aha! call and get a little clarity with your coffee.

OK, now you're probably thinking, "But..."
Let me stop you there.

YES. You can do all of those things. I'll show you how to build an umbrella brand. 
YES. There is a market for everything you`re thinking about.
YES. You can focus on one thing at a time without losing the excitement of the 1000 other ideas coming at you every day.
NO. The market is not saturated. I'll show you how to stand out by just being yourself. 
NO. You don't have to be on every social media platform. 
NO. You don't have to "hustle" 29 hours a day (you do have to work for it though!)

I've offered you coffee, clarity and an arsenal of awesomeness hashtag- what are you waiting for?! Book. IT.