found·ry ˈfoundrē/noun

  1. a workshop or factory for casting metal.

five-day found·ry

  1. a workshop or intensive for casting your minimum viable product.


You've got ideas. You've probably got a gazjillion of them swimming around in your head. And with all the shiny objects, new 6-figure tactics and "proven method" webinars, you're probably stuck in overwhelm- or what they call analysis paralysis.  Plus, if you're anything like me, you probably spend a good deal of time up there in your head thinking- What do I do now? What do I do next? Who will buy this? What if no-one likes it? What if aliens attack on my launch day? 


When you join the Five Day Foundry, you get help with all of these (except the aliens 👽👽👽 gotta be honest, I'm not messing with them). Over 8 weeks, we'll cover the 8 steps necessary to bringing an idea to fruition. You'll go from some kind of liquefied idea to a fully solid minimum viable product or service that is ready to be sold!


"How?" you ask, having already tried all the things. Well, lemme tell you.

With a step-by-step process and 5 days to complete each step.

Let's break it down, y'all: 
Week 1: PARSE - You've got all the ideas. Awesome. But you can't do all the things! You'll parse through the ideas and get to the overarching theme you can grow from. 
WEEK 2: PINPOINT - Which idea you're going to start with and WHY.
WEEK 3: PRODUCTIZE - What are you going to sell? How are you going to sell it? Format? Platform? All the questions!
WEEK 4: PACKAGE - How will you offer it? Is it a one-off service? A retainer? A group of products? Don't worry. We got this!
WEEK 5: POSITION - Where are your people? What do you mean to them? How can you show up for them?
WEEK 6: PRICE - Two words: Jerry Maguire
WEEK 7: PROMOTE - How will you get the word out? What platforms will you use? What's the plan, Stan?
WEEK 8: PUT IT OUT THERE! - Um, what I just said!

WEEK 10: POST-MORTEM - Individual calls to see what worked, what didn't and what you can do next.



Not hot enough yet? 

How about being so supported you'd have to self-sabotage to fail?
I'll be there live three times a week to help you out.

  • Each Monday, we'll begin with a class that will prepare you for the week, tell you exactly which tools and/or techniques to use and why.

  • Every Wednesday is a live Q&A session to keep you from getting (or staying) stuck.

  • And every Friday is a hot seat to allow you to get personal feedback on your project. 

Want even more help? You can opt for 1-to-1 support from myself and my Project Fixer for an additional charge.


The big question: So this is the most amazingest thing ever, but what 's all this gonna cost me? 

  • Live trainings

  • Live Q&A

  • Live support

  • All specifically responding to your personal objectives

  • The support of a mini-mastermind of people all at the same stage as you

  • A mini-mastermind you can choose to continue working with even after the 5 weeks are over.

  • Accountability

  • A finished, sellable product (finally!)

  • A process you can use again and again each time you create a new product or service.

The beta price for this program is only


 "Whaaaaaat??? That's less than the price of working one-to-one with you for a month!"

"Whaaaaaat??? That's less than the price of working one-to-one with you for a month!"

I know, ghost of the late Rue Mclanahan. Beta, baby, beta.