is 90 minutes really enough?

Short answer: For some things, yes. I work very quickly in order to maximise everyone's time and efficiency. Long answer: It really depends on what you need. And this is more of a brain-picking session than a constructing one. Can we build a social media strategy in 90 minutes? If you already know how to use social media and create images, yes. If you need to learn how and which social media platform(s) to use, need help creating images, and/or need to build out your strategy and create a content calendar, nope. 90-mins won't be enough. But we'll establish that during our initial call. Don't worry, there won't be sticker shock or scope creep. I'll assess your questionnaire and make a suggestion, you decide how much time you want.

What if I don't have an hour a day or week to do homework?

Then, frankly, you are too busy to start any new projects. I can recommend a time organisation specialist if you'd like to get a handle on your schedule and find lost time for your business AND yourself if you'd like.

What is your refund policy?

You'll find that HERE

What if your suggestions don't work?

Bhaaaaaa-hahahahahaha!!! Oh, wait... seriously? Ok. Some of my methods are tried and true and some of them depend on X factors such as technology, general climate of your market, your own abilities and/or motivation, your reputation online and/or off, what you do before, during or after working with me, how much time you have, whether you spellcheck, if your images are well chosen and/or the right size, the day of the week, if Santa has a hangover, etc. Business is not an exact science (unless it's a science business, like selling baking soda volcanoes). It is contantly changing, technology is ever evolving, and we can't please all of the people all of the time. HOWEVER, if I suggest something and you do it to the letter and it breaks something, then we can have a chat about how we can remedy the situation.