I help multidisciplinary creative thinkers build + launch businesses that they love (and make them money too!)

You're a jack of many trades and a master of some, so you're not short of experience... or ideas. 
(You're definitely not lacking in the ideas department!) 
What you secretly want is permission to NOT choose between them.
(Permission granted!!!)
What you need is a way to get the ideas out there without conforming to the shoulds and have-tos that the big names are telling you are the only ways to "do it".
What I do is help to create, brand & market products or services that tap into your unique experiences, array of skills and personal qualities, while still leaving room for you to grow, pivot and add to your arsenal of awesomeness. 
(You'll want to hashtag all your stuff #arsenalofawesomeness. Trust.)

This is real actionable advice for real action-taking entrepreneurs.










Work With Me

There are 2 ways we can work together 1-to-1:

  • The Shot of Espresso: Pick my brain for 90-mins to get UNstuck & moving confidently forward.
  • Standing Coffee Dates: Weekly sessions for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Working with me means no more spinning your wheels & guesswork.

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Inspiration & tips that keep you looking and moving forward.

I write about the stuff that makes #entreprelife easier. Whether it's the latest tips & tools, best practices or just letting you know what you're feeling is totally normal, I have stuff to say. Some of it is pretty interesting, but it's all there to be helpful. 

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Courses & Group Programme

Quick lessons that get you UNstuck and tiny group mentoring programmes in the spirit of "together we rise".

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I should probably mention...

I'm not the right person for you if

  • this is not something you actually want to do, rather you think you're supposed to do because "everyone's doing it" (The ones who do well are the ones who genuinely like doing what they do.)
  • you are not willing and able to work autonomously (I'm here to inform, guide and support you, but I won't do it for you).
  • you want or need to get rich quick (I deal in strategy and durability. You could make money starting immediately or it may take several months. It's up to you, where you are and what you're willing/able to do to reach your goals.)
  • you've got more buts than a Sir Mix-A-Lot video (excuses don't get the results you're looking for)
  • you want to do anything unethical, deceitful or harmful to others (Lying about your experience, credentials, past "misteps" or "brand story"? Please don't involve me. Yes, people actually do that.)